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Employee Portrait Gallery — Terry Rioux

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Terry Rioux handles a scuba tank near the diving gear storage van on the WHOI pier. His early underwater work included hardhat diving. Click here for a picture of him in hardhat gear during Navy Reserve training about 1980.


Terry Rioux was appointed Diving Safety Officer for WHOI in 1980. He is responsible for all day-to-day aspects of scuba diving at the Institution, including review and enforcement of diving safety regulations, diver training and certification, approval of dive plans and equipment for scientific projects, and the maintenance of Institution-owned diving equipment and records. He calculates he has trained or certified more than 200 permanent employees and about the same number of people working temporarily on WHOI projects. Occasionally, his work takes him to the open ocean aboard research vessels, including a memorable trip to the Antarctic in 1994 to collect gelatinous zooplankton with Rich Harbison. Then there are excursions around and beneath the WHOI pier to recover lost items, assist in ship repairs, and once to free the remotely operated vehicle Jason from a tangle of monofilament. Terry is a certified Emergency Medical Technician and a member of WHOI’s First Aid Response Team. Along with his wife Maggie, also an EMT and a member of the Institution’s library staff, Terry volunteers on the medical teams for the Falmouth Road Race and the Cape Cod Marathon, and the couple also helps teach community CPR classes under the auspices of Falmouth Fire & Rescue Department.












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