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WHOI 75th Anniversary Employee Portrait Gallery

Employee Portrait of the Week

During the anniversary year, this Web feature presented 52 past and present employees of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Several thousand people have been employed here since it’s the Institution’s founding in 1930, and many of them served WHOI for most of their careers. While each of those featured had long service records, the objective of the gallery was to honor the contributions of all WHOI employees and to recognize the broad spectrum of talents and jobs needed to make a scientific institution successful.

Assembly of this portrait gallery was undertaken by members of the Portrait Subcommittee of the 75th Anniversary Steering Committee: Kathy Elder, Colleen Hurter, Margaret Sulanowska, Trish White, and Chris Wooding.

Most of the profiles were written by Vicky Cullen. Other writers for the series were Mike Carlowicz, Sheila Clifford, Jim Kent, Lonny Lippsett, Amy Nevala, Kate Madin, and Mary Schumacher.

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